About Us

                             What Is Life Designers University?

Whether you heard about it from friends or loved ones or perhaps saw the ads listing our courses and programs, do you know what Life Designers University is about?

No, we are not sending you back to regular school but on a time machine journey to restore, repair, and revive your finances.


Did we just prick your attention? We all need money. Is that your dream too?

We have proven and practical answers to help you make money and live the lifestyle of your dreams.

Unlike traditional universities, LDU is an online program consisting of 10 life-changing that embodies real-life lifestyle management content to redirect your financial mindset into abundance.


Where do you start from?

Well, you start the course with our instructors. They are professional instructors that have created their success through business ownership, entrepreneurship, and multiple wealth-generating investments.

YOU ARE IN GOOD HANDS with the Life Design team.


Why LDU?

According to 2021 American Debt Statistics, 80% of the population is in debt.

Unlike most conventional universities where students start in the red, our students enroll in LDU to learn and apply newfound skills in real-life circumstances, starting them in the green. All courses are available online and enable our professionals to deliver information that can be used wherever you are.

Are you among the statistics? Get out now with Life Designers University by Life Designers.

Our program will rescue you from the rigors of life's financial stress into financial freedom and independence.

This is the chance to design your life beyond just living.

Core Values

  • One-on-one Guidance

  • Tailored Services

  • World-Class Quality

  • Fast, Safe And Cost-effective

  • Competitive Rates

  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee

  • Uncompromised Privacy